Dishwasher Element To Fit Hotpoint/Indesit 2000W 40mm

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Alternative Part C00057684 & J00108711.

Manufacturers' names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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To Fit Models


BFI62, BFI620, BFI670, BFI68, BFI680, BFQ700I, BFQ700T, BFT680X, BFT68X, BFV620B, BFV620K, BFV620W, BFV620X, BFV62B, BFV62K, BFV62W, BFV62X, BFV680X, BFV68X, BFZ680X, BFZ700X, DWF40P, DWF40P.2, DWF50N, DWF50P, DWF50PT, DWF50S, DWF70N, DWF70P, DWF70S, DWM55A, DWM75AF, DW20PF, DW60GF, DW60PF, DW60P.1F, DW60TF, DW65AF, DW80GF, DW80PF, DW80TF, DW85A.


IDE1000UK, IDE1000UK.2, IDE1005SUK, IDE1005SUK.2, IDE750UK.2, IDTMUK.

HTR90 - N1.34
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