Bellows To Fit Hoover Vacuum Cleaners BEL06

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Bellows to fit hoover Turbo vacuum cleaners.

Alternative Part 675465 & 09027509

Manufacturers' names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.


To Fit Models

Hoover Turbo

U1100, U1102, U1218, U1220, U1222, U1222E, U1284, U1294, U1296, U1400, U1412, U1426, U1436, U1650, U2194, U2196, U2198, U2320, U2332, U2334, U2336, U2382, U2406, U2408, U2534, U2560, U2562, U2566, U2568, U2570, U2572, U2574, U2602, U2604, U2634, U2636, U2638, U2662, U2716, U2718, U2724, U2798, U2806, U2864, U2866, U2872, U4527, U4529.

BEL06 - M1.6